Should I be honest and tell my ex how I really feel?

We split up about 7 weeks ago. He ended it but really it was mutual as I saw it coming. I guess we just didn't have what we used to. We have had no contact for 7 weeks since we split. I preferred to do this as it's easier for me to heal so I removed him off my social media etc. So, late last night I get a few missed calls and a text asking if he would like me to bring my make up back that I left at our mutual friends house a while ago. I'd almost forgot about it really. I am still not over the relationship and I have pretended I'm fine through out this. Will being honest with him make him understand that really he did hurt me and could have been better? I just don't want him thinking I haven't came out of this not super hurt cause I believe that's what he thinks now. Also why would he text me this out the blue? I don't know if his intentions are good or not.


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  • No need to tell him how you truly feel. You'll eventually get over him. He seems fine by your mutual breakup by the sound of it anyway. If he wasn't, he would've at least showed some attempts to reconcile with you, don't you think? He sent you that message because he wants to return it to you. You can just tell him to leave it at your mutual friend's house and that you'll get it yourself if you are trying to avoid him. No need to rehash the with the guy. It'll only resurface all the emotions you had when you were with him. I know it hurts, but like I said, you'll get over it. Just remember, he was the one that ended it and you saw it coming. Is there really a point trying to return to someone that is clearly absent in that area?

  • If it provides you closure, then do it, but don't do it with the expectation that it will change anything - including his way of thinking. That said he could be contacting to do the same thing - express his feelings, but using the make up as an excuse since I assume if it was just about the make up an he didn't want to talk to you then he would ask the friend to contact you about it.


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