I hurt him... more badly than I ever knew... then I opened up all those scabs... what do I do now, can I win him back eventually?

bit of a long story. Me and this guy started seeing each other, it was purely magical, it really truly was! Holding hands... kisses than melted my toes... beautiful! I did something stupid... got scared... and after him and I have actually spoken about it (almost a year and a half later) realized my insecurities were manipulated, but someone else. Not either one of their fault, I allowed it and I already fessed up to it. But needless to say it wasn't the healthiest of relationships with this new person. very controlling and degrading towards everything. I was scared of the original guy cause I was in love with him and so very very scared of that. so I ended things with the man I loved to be in this shitty relationship... it didn't last long either. Me and the first guy got together shortly there after I ended it with the first guy. It was like we never left off, never skipped a beat. It was magic again, needless to say I fell. Hard! and then all of a sudden out of the blue he ended things, saying he didn't feel anything for me. I was heartbroken but dealt with is, knowing deep in my heart and soul that it wasn't over, or his words weren't true. Well skip ahead like 6 months and we were together again, again pure magic, and this time I felt him getting scared and backing away, I had been writing him letters for years (like a diary) and well I decided to give them to him. To bare my soul to him, I told him I loved him, he told me he didn't feel the same and ended it. Again I think this is a lie, and it stems from before when I hurt him. I told him all about that in the letters and he told me that he didn't know, and it opened all those wounds again, which makes me believe that they were never healed, just scabbed. I know he loves me! I truly believe that. I also believe when he said he didn't love me that wasn't true, it's more like can't love me! What do I do! I'm so very lost and want to throw myself at his feet and beg, but that can't be the way to deal with this.


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  • well first of all, you deserve to feel like this after you broke his heart first. Second, he doesn't love you. He's getting his revenge on you. For breaking his heart, he wants to break yours as many times as he can. Just move on to another guy.


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  • I don't know it's hard. I say why keep breaking and getting back together you need to deal with your insecurities. Be more confident and don't let your insecurities get to you. Learn to brush them off somehow, if notnit will be the same with every guy. If he says he doesn't feel the same why stick around. You'll only be hurting yourself. Why not focus on yourself and how you can become better if you are insecure about your weight like most of us women are then do something about it. Not only does it help but it boosts your confidence and you'll be ready to attract another guy whom will sweep you off your feet. Don't beg him it'll just draw him away. Work on yourself and your insecurities and how to deal with them until you start a mew relationship. Once you are happy with yourself and trust God you will find more happines in your life and will find the right guy


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  • I know how you feel.

    • See you kinda of fuck yourself over. I know I just did. The thing is you can't expect for him to forget that you rejected him. I know I can't. ): I know your scared. I know your heart probably wasn't on him at the time cuz let me guess you weren't use to begin around someone or something of that nature. Let him go thats the sad part. You tried and he just doesn't want keep hurting again and again. ): Its tragic I know. I know. Oh I wish I could hug you. haha We share smiliar paths only I don't think I would fall for a jerk ever. haha Unless of course he deceive me than thats another story. You got decide right now... right here you had enough time to think... FIGHT OR FLIGHT? Which one! Because if you fight sure you might get hurt but if it works out it was worth it. But if fly away than you might miss on something that was great. Take care in whatever you decide.

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    • He was married many many years ago.

  • If he loved you he wouldn't want to hurt you and would not end it