My girlfriend and I just broke up from a LDR, but she's being shady after the breakup?

My girlfriend and I just broke up from a LDR, but she's being shady after the breakup?
(sends this after I delete her pictures from social media)⬆️⬆️⬆️

(This is her breaking up with me ⬆️⬆️

My girlfriend and I have been dating for seven months four of which have been in a long distance relationship. she recently broke with me a week ago saying that she won't be able to give me the full attention I deserve to have a healthy relationship or at least what we once had. And that she would be only setting us up for failure, she said she's not worried because she knows that we will always find our way back to one another since she moving back this summer. The problem is since we've been long distance dating she always had this guy friend that she met on campus ( both athletes) and she was always hanging out with him and I told her that I didn't really trust it, especially them being alone together. The first time she got really defensive. they were spending too much time together in my opinion and now when we broke up I cut contact with her and I deleted her pictures of my social media ( she claims I broke up with her by doing this even though she sent me the message before) then after a week of no contact I look at her Snapchat and she's making snaps in his room laying in his bed listening to music with him laying down toh. and she posted another snap of her wearing a shirt of his to class. does this mean she was cheating on me all along? Is she Trying to make me jealous? Should I believe her? And what should I do to overcome this and move on?



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  • ... She always had this guy friend that she met on campus...
    With Not having to have this Etched in Cold stone here, dear, it is Quite Clear, that She Did the Deleting and has In Between Cheating behind your Back because She... Doesn't want to be in a LDR any longer, You are far Stronger.
    LDR are One of the Hardest to Have and Try and Uphold of Any Relationship. It takes Two special People to make the Effort, Work as Team partners and when only One team mate is cannot even keep a 'Date,' it's Time to throw the towel in and call it Anything but a Match made in Heaven... This can Grow real Old and Cold in the water like a Dead duck.
    She has mostly been playing Hard ball with you and keeping the Athlete in her cozy court. I have to say that with Not being a stone's throw where you Might Be... Now you can See from where you are sitting.
    Move on and bid her Good-bye. Next time Around, find someone in your own Town. This little birdie is Not too sweet with her Cheat Tweet.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Both of u are retards. U kindawant each other but decided to lash out to each other. If u really cut all ties with her, blocking her from social media, u will pay no attention to whatever she is doing rite now. Both of u have no idea about the things u want and its consequences. I never appreciate social media lash out to your ex if it was a clean break. And she is doing this just to get even with u. And the funny thing is she nailed it. Albeit ur no nonsense attitude, u still look back to her.