Can you help me? Ex boyfriend trouble 😢😢😢 ?

So i need aome advice my ex and i are trying to work things out. He said that he can't be what i want right now but still wants to try sort us out. What does he mean by he can't be what i want? He said we are talking and if he wasn't talking he wouldn't want to sort things out. Last week he invited me out for tea but that didn't go ahead as he didn't have the money to go out. Is he genuinely putting in effort or half assing it? I'm putting in an effort vut i want him to meet me half away. Please tell me what to do to make him want to put in an effort and spend time together


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  • He can't or won't be the boyfriend you want him to be. If you're wanting more together time for example he can't or won't oblige that. I think you're wasting your time. Dump him for good

  • Look at this logically, a good relationship takes time to come to light. You have time and as long as you can take the waiting then i see no reason to just to this conclusion. However if he is genuinely not trying just wait and see what happens, if by the end of 4 weeks, let him be and move on. Im quite liberal when it comes to this so perhaps taking a more conservative choice is another option.

    • We go from talking to not talking and my god i miss it when we dont talk. We have been talking for part of the day today and the xonversation has been good. He said i over think everything to much and read into things too much. I told him that i feel silly when i ask questions about us and our past. I then told him i think of happy thibgs like our good times together and ge replied with "oh good". I want a solid answer but i dont want to push him

    • Yeah, thats what a time stamp will help you with, it gives him time to come back to you and it gives you peace of mind that is will be finished in 4 weeks.

  • Sounds like he wants the relationship on his terms, almost like an ultimatum, which isn't fair on you. I'm sure you would be happy to spend time with him even if it is on a budget, so he could be creative and think of some different ways to go out...

    • Yeah im more then happy to spend time with him doing anything even watching a movie. I want to see where we go and if she still can have a future

    • You have hit the nail on the head with your comment that you want to meet him halfway, but it seems like you're already at the halfway line, waiting for him to get there but he's sitting on the 0-yard line like a child wanting to be picked up and taken there... sorry, that's just the analogy that came to mind just now

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