I like my ex girlfriend and I dont really know what to do?

So i still like my ex girlfriend and we dated for 2 years, and broke up we both still liked each other for a while because we always talked about it. Then we didn't really talk at all for a whole year after she told me she doesn't really want to date and we should be friends. At the start of this year we talked here and there made eye contact smiled and so on and i started to kind of like her again. So this other guy asked her out and she told him no and he said the reason why she said no was because she told him she still liked me lol and then we started to text more and more but i can't talk to her in person i just can't walk up and talk to her, she is always with her friends so i dont know how to walk up to all of them and just start talking and when i do i get extremely nervous and leave lmao. How do i just talk to her only or what should i say if i stand with her group they are all girls too so I don't know wtf to talk about lol should i ask her to the movies or something? Or should i ask her to come walk around the school or hang out after school if she can i dont really know what do.


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  • Sounds like you should call her


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  • Do whatever it takes to get her back then and start by calling her

    • Thanks i never really thought of calling her