Right after break up, ex is more active on social media and with mutual acquaintances than ever?

For background, we ended on very bad terms after he picked a fight and started acting like a jerk based on assumptions he made about me. He asked that we not speak anymore.
We play in the same community based game, so we share group chats with hundreds of other people in our large city. It's not like Facebook where you can delete people and hide their posts.
Prior to the break up, he barely posted, barely socialized. He became a hermit months ago due to depression and work. Ever since we broke up 2 weeks ago, he has been posting almost nonstop. For instance, there's group chat about restaurants which he only lurked on before. Now he's posting his meals pretty frequently with his location. And he's eating at places all over the city. He never felt like venturing out of his neighborhood much for as long as I remember. And now he's reaaaly venturing out.
It sucks because I enjoyed chatting and participating in discussions without having to see his posts. And now he's all over. I don't get it.
We share many of the same acquaintances. We used to hang out with them together before he became a hermit (months before things soured out of nowhere) Ever since the break up, I see that he's hanging out with people ALL the time. He's also planning events. He was only playing casually until now. Any guesses on what's going on? Is he sooo much happier without me? Or a sign he's trying hard to get over it? Or what? Help me analyze his odd behavior for s**ts and giggles.


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  • Is he soooooo much happier without you? In a word - yes. During the relationship, he felt somewhat stifled by you. It's not you so much as him, trust me. When he was with uou, he felt like he couldn't be himself. It may have been things said during the relationship that got him thinking like that. It may have been, he was fooling himself into liking you, but the linger the relationship went on, the less he felt comfortable around you. Whatever the reasons, he reached a point he couldn't handle it and brought up an argument (you disagreed with). It was his way to back out and break up.

    Regardless WHY he did it, he wanted away from you. The best thing here is to find someone else who really IS happy around you and feels like they can be themselves when you're together.


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  • Well, he could just be doing it because he'll know you'll see. If so he is an ass. Just do you and don't rush into a relationship just for the sake of it. You'll find true love and then rub that in his face... Just kidding, ignore that part.


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  • It's definitely normal thing, for example my ex is posting her pictures with make up everyday, after we break up, and tag her with her friends on places where she was been with me, or restarurants, bars and things like that.
    He just want to get his self confidence back, and he is doing quite different things to reach this point.

  • He's your ex... move on.. he did.


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