How to feel better after a break up?

I was recently involved in a break up and now i am really sad. How can i feel better and happier again?


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  • don't worry... breaking up doesn't mean you're bad, it just mean you need to redirect your heart and your thoughts to the right direction (you). it doesn't matter who started, just forgive and make time for yourself and what you like and for school (education). free yourself from (break up-sad) rules to be happier.

    Good luck...


What Girls Said 2

  • There isn't any miracle way of feeling better after these things. It's going to suck. It's going to hurt. Especially if you were in love. But that what life is. Experiencing it all. And learning from it all. Going out with friends and then coming home and crying it's all going to happen. Overtime it gets better, everyone says that, I know, but it's true. If you loved him.. You might always love him. But overtime you will get happier. You have to let yourself though. Don't hold back from opportunities.

  • Burn all of his/her shit first of all because it feels really good. Delete and block from everything. Smile, surround yourself with good people, and most importantly, don't forget that, you're worth more than gold and whoever it was you broke up with is a fool. YOU WILL BE SOMEONE'S WHOLE WORLD ONE DAY.
    Keep your head up Princess (:

    • Thankyouu so much, you just made my day :)

    • If someone's going to let you go they aren't worth it. I learned that the hard way.