How do I break up with my girlfriend in the most gentle way possible?

So we are having problems and all and i want to break up with her but dont want to hurt her and if that is impoposible to do i wanna hurt her the less possible and i wanna try keeping the friendship between us and what do i do if she cries im so worried i dont know what to do


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  • If you are not happy anymore then just let her know how you are feeling. Tell her the truth. It is going to hurt her but tell her you'd think it's best if you two are just friends. Prepare for tears or negative lash back. Try to keep your calm. Apologize for hurting her and don't be mean or put blame on her.

  • Just be honest with her and tell her everything. It's best to just rip the bandage off and not sugar coat it, that'll just make things worse.

    • But im worried she will not want to be my friend becausr i asked her to be my girlfriend a month ago

    • Well things happen and you'll have to live with the outcome. If the two of you become friends again I'm sure it wouldn't be until after the both of you have moved on.

  • It's going to hurt her no matter what so you should just tell her how you feel and break up with her.


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