Will ex if 4 years stop being angry and reconcile?

Ok so met my ex at 4 years ago. She split with me and I had no contact after begging her for 4 days so I rang her and she seemed fine but she was a little drunk. So I sent her a lovely message and then rang her again she was clearly abit drunk and she started bringing up how we used to fight n as my head was up my Arse I used to fight back but I suddenly stopped and learned to walk away from us fighting n never did again so we carried on for 3 years being fine slight arguments nothing really bad and we was close now that she split up n started going mad saying how I used to hit her and she was vulnerable n faked that she had fun which is not true and wasted 4 years n threatening to get me beat up ! I said ino and we stopped and I said how sorry I was and cried to her and I changed ! But now she's holding me to just that and making me out to be the bad one ! How can I get her to stop being angry at me because I truly love her


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  • If I were you I'd let go of her, completely. Move on and find someone else and put the lessons you learned from the past relationship to use.

  • Then stop hurting her feelings, it sounds she loved you back. Now if you tell her you want her and only her maybe she'll consider changing her ways to trust you

    • Ino but I thought she was passed this because it did happen like 2/3 years ago and since then we have had a lot of good times. I was just distant as I was trying to build our money up with our buisness but now after 4 days no contact I messaged her my feelings for her n I rang her she was drunk she seemed nice n then I rang her again n she went mad about the times we had fights pointing it at me n stuff n that it's to late and she's changing her sim and that I was basicly all bad n that she was vulnerable but she's actually head strong and we had great times so I don't know we she's just thinking bad

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    • It's not about getting you gone like forever, I'd think of it more along the lines of maybe a fresh beginning for her and you. Hope for the best ya know. It's not about you all the time. You have to realize she's hurt too. Put urself in her shoes. While she's making you feel better whose making her feel better. She needs to know she's loved just as much as you need to feel loved. People say time heals all wounds, I'd say give her time. Especially if you are not prepared to love her right for yourself

    • When she wAs going mad I was just taking bare abuse n listening and She's like I do t care about you , you used to fight me n stuff n kick off , n I faked all the times we went on holiday having fun and that she wants to get me beat up and change her sim. But she was drinking in just like come on that's not true I'm sorry for everything bla bla. Over the phone when she's being stubborn she's not listening. But before that I rang her she was fine ! She was asking if I'm ok n asking for favours n I said ok n wished her well on her night out. So then I sent her a lovely text saying his sorry I wax n how is love to have a chat n ring her again she went all mad on me. So now I'm just scared I'm gonna loose her for good. She's having way more fun then what I can provide and she's trying to hurt me this is after 4 days of no contact.

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  • This is fucking confusing, let her go man, you need to find someone better

    • Ino ! Basicly we met fell in love she was very confusing at times and messed with my head a bit we used to fight like slap each other n stuff which I totally did regret I was only 17 . So I learned to just walk away from it instead of her getting to me. So we was toegether another 3 years n never had fights. Only arguments now that she split up with me she's battering me with saying I beat her up in a nob I prefer to not spend time with her. N stuff basicly she's drunk but we moved on and actually become a decent couple. How do I get her to stop saying I'm a bloody wife beater and to start actually realising that that was bullshit and we did actually have some amazing times and I did actually support and love her

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    • Not with her dumbo, some other girl

    • Yeah, so move on brah, there is nothing you can do. You are in the same boat as plenty of other guys so don't think otherwise