How am I gonna break up with her?

So, i have been together with my girlfriend now for like 4 months, we go to the same class and see eachother pretty much every day. She is completly in love with me, but i seriously dont feel like im attracted to her in that way anymore. I have actually fallen in love with another girl. Now, getting together with that girl is not gonna be an option, but i seriously can't let me or even more important her be in a fake realitionship anymore, so of course the only reasonable thing is to break up. But im just so afraid to see her every day in school after we've breaked up? Any tips or advices would be great.


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  • Just tell her you want to break up.

  • Speak to her alone preferably not st school meet up with her and just be honest. It's good that you don't want to lead her on so props to you for that. Just say I really like you but I'm not ready for a relationship right now I just want to be friends. She might be upset but it's better than breaking her heart and cheating on het


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