How to break up?

I'm starting to get bored with my boyfriend, we never do anything spontaneous, new, or exciting. He doesn't have a job and sits around playing video games all day. I got to school full time and work part time. I'm getting really bored of this relationship. We live together and I don't know how to express my displeasures. I want to do this in the most unhurtful way possible.


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  • you can talk with him about getting a job and to do something spontaneous. if he still dosen't agree with anything then you should tell him the truth and look for someone else and tell him like this "look i go to school and work part time and i get really tired and you do nothing but playing video games if you do really love me or care about me then you would do a job for me and we can do something spontaneous". but if you dont have any feelings towards him then i think if he starts a job or do something new with you, you stlll feel bored with him, in this case just tell him the truth and hope for the best.

  • sorry to say but there is no real way i can think of that is in someway painful. my only suggestion is to be open and honest , then when telling him you dont think this is working, and that you are moving out.


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