Was he just using me to get over his ex or possible he's gone back to his ex to get over me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me nearly 2 months ago because of being too busy, left me heartbroken (first love) at the time he claimed he didn't want to break up and still really liked me but there was no other way right now. Feel like he completely dropped me this was all done over text he kept saying he wouldn't have chance to meet up and talk about it in person and haven't heard anything from him since :(

Recently saw that became friends with his ex before me on facebook and has liked two pictures she's uploaded since (sound crazy I know) my heart sank when I saw this. Now I can't stop thinking if he's back with her and has totally forgotten about me feel like I meant nothing to him- although I did meet his family and he said not many of the girls he's been out with have. Is there any chance he could be reconnecting with his ex to take his mind off me? I need to get over him but i'm struggling so much.


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  • Can't say if he is back with his ex, but is is 'possibly' trying to woo her back. He is an ex for a reason, so just remove/block him on social media, and move on.


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  • I think his ex was always still in the picture


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