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Why did my ex girlfriend call me?

My ex broke up with me after 1.5 years of dating. But she started calling me after 4 months and sent me a msg -"we'll be together in the next birth... Show More

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  • these are the followings she might have called you for:

    a.get back with you

    b.lonely and need someone- since you were her ex-your an easy target

    though you still like her...play little hard to get if she keeps calling.

  • I agree with ker12...except about the playing hard to get part. Hard to get insinuates playing mind games and we're all little to old for that. If you might want her back, then respond back to her but keep your distance until you can figure out if she's sincere. If you don't want her back, then explain to her that she should quit it and let it go.

    • So she wanted to get back? Because I don't want to, she's a total nutcase and I've given more than 100% everytime, even she admitted that. I just wanna know if she wanted to get back, and what should I do if she calls again or if I meet her. I wanna be peaceful and move on. Thanks

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