Girls, why is she keeping in touch with my brother, while ignoring me completely?

SO... This girl and I had a fling, after a while she told me she didn't have romantic feelings for me, I told her we should stop seeing each other, because I was hurt and didn't want to continue when she didn't feel the way I did. That was four months ago.

Lately, this girl has been liking my gay brother's posts on Facebook like NEVER before. She got to know him through me, and recently I found out they've been keeping in contact. It got me missing her, so I visited her FB profile and liked two posts as to show her I don't have any negative feelings towards her anymore. She completely ignored it, has been keeping in touch with my brother and even posted a song where the lyrics are "I hate you, I love you." She's giving me the ice cold shoulder but keeping in touch with my brother, who I'm VERY close with.

And needless to say, it's been PISSING me off. Is she trying to get a reaction out of me?


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  • I'm sure she's either just friends with your brother or she likes him. But your ship with her has sailed.

    • No. She only knows him because of me and the only time they spoke was when I invited her over. The fact that she suddenly starts liking all his posts and texting him (even HE thinks it's weird) is why what made me wonder. He's super gay by the way. Anyways, she was pretty hurt when I ended things and we've been ignoring each other ever since. Now, she's back in my life indirectly. I have this feeling in my gut that she's still angry with me and hurt, and whatever the reason for her contact with my brother recently is, she knows I'll find out about it. I mean, why keep in touch with an ex fling's family? Doesn't make sense.

  • She might just actually be friends with your brother?
    It doesn't have to be to get a reaction since they kept it secret

  • She probably has no idea that it's pissing you off. They probably just started talking more, and that's why she's liking his posts now instead of before.
    And how is she supposed to show a reaction to you liking her posts? Comment and say "thanks for the like" lol?

    • You're kidding me right? She's an EX. Keeping in touch with your ex's family is weird as fvck. Anyone could tell you that. She knows how close my brother is to me, so she KNOWS I'll find out about her contacting him. My liking her posts was to show her I'm not mad at her or anything. Her not liking any of my posts since, but continuing to like my brothers things (even he thinks it's weird) and giving me a cold shoulder... I mean that just screams she's still angry with me. When I broke it off, she was the one hurt and crying, not me.

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    • You tell me. She was angry, mad and sad when I said we should stop seeing each other. She then proceded to delete a photo of me on her Facebook and then acting like an ex girlfriend. I've never seen anything like it. It was just a fling, but she acts like an ex girlfriend. Yes, she told me she didn't have feelings, but then she acts like a girl who got her heart broken. It's hard to explain, but why would you care to delete a photo of someone you never had feelings for and get emotional when he didn't want to continue the fling? Plus, she's doing this now.

    • Yeah that's definitely weird. It does sound like she's mad at you, or at least that she has no interest in talking to you. But her being mad doesn't mean that she's talking to your brother just to piss you off. She might actually like talking to him. And yeah, maybe a typical ex wouldn't keep in touch with family, but clearly this is not a typical ex situation.