My girlfriend broke up with me for two months. Then she kissed another boy. Does that count as cheating?

She broke up with me and now wants to get back together. Am I justified in feeling like she cheated on me? Or am I just over thinking it? We were broken up for two months. She had only ever kissed one boy before me. She seemed so pure and now she seems tainted. How can I forgive her? Should I just forget that she did that with him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not cheating. What you are feeling is rejection and jealousy. Here is the thing to remember, she wants to be with you, end of story.

    I married a woman, she had been married before. She had dated before. Do I care about all the people she was with prior? No. Does she care about all my past exes? No. We are with each other now, that's all the matters.

    Concentrate on making the relationship a beautiful thing, the rest will fall away.