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My girlfriend broke up with me for two months. Then she kissed another boy. Does that count as cheating?

She broke up with me and now wants to get back together. Am I justified in feeling like she cheated on me? Or am I just over thinking it? We were... Show More

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  • It's not cheating. What you are feeling is rejection and jealousy. Here is the thing to remember, she wants to be with you, end of story.

    I married a woman, she had been married before. She had dated before. Do I care about all the people she was with prior? No. Does she care about all my past exes? No. We are with each other now, that's all the matters.

    Concentrate on making the relationship a beautiful thing, the rest will fall away.

What Girls Said 3

  • If she broke up with you before kissing someone else, I don't consider it cheating. If she had kissed someone while you were dating, then I would feel differently. Look at it this way - maybe it will be a good thing for your relationship. If she had only ever kissed one guy before you, she could have been wanting to make sure she wasn't missing out on anything. I dated a guy from age 16-21 (he was only a few months older), and we had many issues because we were both so inexperienced when we started dating, and he was constantly afraid he was missing out on things.

  • its not cheating. you were broken up for a while, and if she wants you (and obv you love her) let it go and be with her!

  • NO ITS NOT CHEATING! you were over for 2 months. it wasn't cheating

What Guys Said 4

  • If she wasn't with you when she kissed the other guy, it's not cheating. In that case, you have to forget about it and move on. If you're not together, she's free to do whatever she wants, like you're free to do whatever you want. Different story though if she did it while you were together.

    If you're asking whether you should take her back, that's totally up to you. If you can forget about her kissing the other guy, then go for it; if not, don't. Personally, if it were me, it would bother me a little bit, but I might get back with the girl if I really liked her, since a kiss isn't a huge deal. But it would totally depend on how much I like her, and whether I feel like she's gotten too much more "experience" than me. That's just me though--do what's right for you. Best of luck.

  • so you expect her to break up, and then spend the rest of her life saving herself and waiting for you to come back. lol.

  • I would probably take my girl back as long as that's absolutely as far as she ever went with anyone else. I'm almost in same boat but she hasn't done anything with guys yet and she was pure before me. I've thought and thought about it. I would take her back if the most she did was kiss a guy only once and it went no further. but to feel completely right I may have to "kiss" another girl before I accepted her back. Just look at it this way though, for 1 at least she wants you back and for another...she had a taste of one guy and ran back to you, what's that tell ya...you something she realized she ain't getting anywhere else bro. Do your thing but 1 kiss, and only a kiss, isn't half as bad as it could be. I feel ya though, hope that's not where I have to go before her return.

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