How to get over someone that doesn't love you anymore but you will always love him?

i met a guy last year and we were together for awhile. we had to break up cause of some family issues. he said he would always love me. i got a job in the city he lives in a i moved. i accepted we have to be just friends but he doesn't see that. today he said he doesn't love me anymore and he won't have time for me when he starts dating again. he said he would always be here for me and we would still hang out. he said a while back we would be together no matter what. once he said we would be able to be together in a few years now he says he will never want to be with me again and i will never be successful in my job even though i just started and it takes time. how do i get him to want me back over the years. do i prove him wrong and become successful and try to find someone else even though i won't love them. how do i get him back? these pics were from when we first started dating. what makes a guy change his mind. is he maybe trying to hide his feelings and making it act like he doesn't care anymore and he really does?how to get over someone that doesn't love you anymore but you will always love him?


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  • Aww he sounds sweet! But do what i do!

    • Move on! You can't be friends with someone you love!

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    • Oh come on mate! Just pretend he not around anymore like he died. It was nice having him but its over!

    • but we have the same job and live in the same city i see him a a lot


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  • Accept it won't work and move on.


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  • I dont think you can't get over the one you truly love. .. i just love from afar.