Girlfriend dumped me in November, avoided me, got angry when I met someone new, and is now telling people I betrayed her. Why?

My last girlfriend dumped me in November. During our whole relationship she always said she loved me unconditionally, to never doubt her love for me and that she would always fight for us. She broke up with me out of nowhere and then was sending mixed signals. I asked her point blank "Do you want to be with me again?" She said no. I didn't talk to her at all after that. We ended up making peace with one another in January. Once she found out I was dating someone new later that month, she lost it. She blocked me on facebook and started yelling everyone I betrayed her and was telling people I HURT HER. Short term memory apparently. I am very happy in my new relationship and do not want her back, but a part of me also does not want her hating me for no reason. My questions are these. 1) What is going through her head right now and making her behave this way and 2) Is there any way to go about making peace with her? Thank you.


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  • She's probably mad at herself for letting you go and seeing that you moved on may have triggered that. So to make herself feel better, she's telling everyone that you hurt her. Because she's hurt. Not that that makes it right.

    • Makes a lot of sense. I gave her multiple chances to come back to me though and she told me she didn't want me holding out hope for a future that couldn't happen and told me she wanted me to move on.

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    • I know. I'm not going to lie this is the only breakup I've ever gone through that killed me. Gut wrenching. She was probably my first love. At this point I know I am better off but I'm still hurt that she hates me when I did nothing wrong to her. I guess I don't have control over it though.

    • Nope you don't.

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  • 1. Well I am not sure what is going on in her head, it's a strange behavior on her part, I think she just doesn't want you to move on, she doesn't want you have someone else in your life but she doesn't want to be with you again either. That's her selfish thinking.

    2. Logically speaking and from what you have told about her, there is no way to make peace with her, don't waste your time and energy in trying to make peace with a woman who acts like a drama queen and seems immature as well. Values what you have right now, if you are happy with your current relationship then be happy, and forget about her.

    Ignore he, block her from everything. Don't let her control your life.


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  • Why did she break up with you? She sounds crazy. I think that she wanted you to still want her and liked to think that you were always there if she wanted you back. Then all of a sudden it was like a shot to her ego when you moved on and started seeing someone else, she thought she still had you in some way. I would not try to make peace with her anytime soon. Maybe after she accepts the fact you moved on then you can try, but then again... Why would want to anyways?

    • Her explanation was that she couldn't give me what I needed or deserved. She then told me she was happier without me even though a week before she told me I made her really happy.

    • I don't know, can't figure that one out. Unless she was playing some game with you or she was scared of her feelings for you so she denied them. Sometimes I do that when I start liking someone, I try to convince myself to walk away for minor reasons because I am afraid of getting hurt. She sounds complicated anyways. Like I said though, I think she thought you would be there if she wanted you back, and liked the fact that she thought you still wanted her. Now she is upset because she knows that is no longer true.

    • I still love her and always will. But I'm not going to wait around. That's just stupid and desperate. She even told me herself she wanted me to move on. So I did.

  • Nothing is going through her mind right now

    Honestly, I just think your girlfriend is selfish.

    She broke up with you.. YES?

    She said she doesn't want to be with you again.. YES?

    She made peace with the fact.. YES?

    Then you move on and got a new girlfriend and all of a sudden she is tripping. She just wants to cause trouble for you and your girlfriend. She is very cantankerous and treacherous. You never do know them until they start. I think you need to send her a serious mssg , and tell her to leve you alone. No obscene languages , just plain talk.

    • Makes a lot of sense. I guess it's just hard to see her this way because I used to worship the ground she walked on. Makes me feel stupid for letting myself fall for her in the first place if this is how she really is.

    • @Asker, jealousy is a funny thing

  • Interesting situation... I am wondering what made her think you betrayed her? Did you move on to someone she previously suspected you of cheating with or whatever she thought?

    • I don't know either. She dumped me even though she knew how crazy I was about her. Then she sent me mixed signals. I asked her point blank if she wanted to be with me again, she said no. She said she wanted me to move on and stop fixation on her. So that's what I did.

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    • Interesting. So you would say you love your ex more compared to this new girl. If you had the opportunity to get back with her while being with this new one; what would you do? Do you think that if you were to bump into her all of the feelings would rush in at once? Because i know a guy friend who told me he was easily getting over it but when he would see her; all those feelings came back. Like he has been with many other girls but he still is in love with his ex.

    • I would never go back to her because of how much she hurt me. I would be setting myself up for failure again. She has a piece of my heart and always will but I'm done with that rollercoaster ride. The woman I am with now is much better. I do love the woman I am with now and feel very comfortable around her. It's just taking me a lot longer to let my defenses down because I'm afraid of getting hurt that badly again. My ex will always have a piece of my heart but I have a lot more love to give to a deserving woman. If I were to see my ex again I would be friendly with her and would think about our amazing memories but that's all they are. Memories. There is no going back. Even if I was single I wouldn't go back. I don't ever want to go through that again.

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  • she sounds like a friken lunatic. You can't really understand the mind of a lunatic. I would just keep my distance while doing a bit of damage control with the friends she is lying to. You dont need that in your life