Broke up after a dating for a year; how do I get her back?

My girlfriend and I were in a good relationship from Jan. 22 2015 till Apr. 6 2016. We had great memories, talked about everything, talked about marriage one day, we really were right for each other. Then about a month before she started shutting down. I got a little angry that she was treating me this way but we seemed to work it out. Then the Saturday before the breakup (on a Wensday) we had a small fight were we were brutally honest about our feelings. I acknowledged what she said and agreed to work on those things. On Monday we apologized to each other in person. It wasn't entirely my fault for the breakup nor did anything either of us do warrant a breakup, she just gave up. I got a lame reason "I just don't see us working out in the long run." At the time before the breakup I was realizing what I needed to do but she gave me no time to fix anything. Since then I know fully what I have done wrong and what I want to do in the future. I will say I tried to use logic to undo the breakup the day after but it didn't work. I only contacted her once since the breakup when she initiated the conversation (this was before I knew about no contact). I can be happy with out her but I would really like her in my life. She is in a rebound relationship with someone the complete opposite with me and it's really hard to watch. I can forgive her and I know how to make myself better; how do I get her back? What specific steps do I take?


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  • It depends on what type of girl she is but in my opinion trying to win her back with gifts flowers etc. would not be thoughtful and will make her even more away from you. She really loved you and the guy she's dating is probably a distraction for her to get over the sadness the broke up created. Give her time and treat her like you're just friends. Try to help her when she needs but again friendly. It's obvious that she was really mad about whatever you've done and try to convince her (not with words) that it wasn't your intention. Some time later you'll see that you start to get closer.

    • I'm 90% confident I know what I have done wrong and certainly what to do better now, but how can she see that I've changed (with actions) if we don't see each other much (due to schedules)?


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  • Sorry buddy. Its over bc she has things to work on. And if she anything like me haha than she gonna leave u. Because she not in a good state.

  • Try to ignore the rebound relationship she's in right now and see it for what it is: temporary. Those relationships never last. Look at the present like you have uninterrupted time now to work on the things that she asked you to fix, and that by the time their relationship dies, you'll be a new man and you can text her again to try again. Don't give up. I know people who went on and off with each other but end up getting married in the end.


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