Does this girl like me? Or have interest?

There is this one girl that I know that just get divorced for is in the process of a divorce I messaged her the other day and I didn't know about it. We message for about a day then she said that she'll talk to me some other time because she is trying to clear her head over the divorce so I left it at that. Thinking that she wouldn't message me again then I seen her at church but didn't get to talk to her in the morning or night then West night after church she message me out of nowhere and she said I'm really glad you're going to our church. Now ever since last night we've been messaging just conversation going and what not my question is do you think that she's interested please help


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  • Can't say for sure, it's too soon to say anything.

  • Way too soon to tell. It could be that she is feeling lonely and down because of her divorce. You were there for her and she knows she can talk to you and benefit from your company. She may be interested, but don't start assuming that she is yet.
    You could always keep talking to her and see where it leads. In all honesty, it might be best to just be there for her. She probably isn't thinking about getting into a relationship just yet.

  • She is interested in you. Maybe not for the right reason if you was to be with this person woukd you be certain she is 100% over her ex? It takes time you would become her rebound and she would just use you and she wouldn't even know she's using you. It's all about building a relationship and to build a good relationship there needs to be a solid foundation. I would back off abit invite her out if you want just as friends and take things slow to protect yourself

    • Yeah I see what you mean what could I say or how do I say it though like how do I ask her to hangout as friends but not like "friend zone" her haha you know?

    • Don't say your goin to be friends just make sure she can tell you anything. Just hang out take your time. No sex no kisses Ino it is hard but worth it as she will only try to manipulate your mind and then in the end she still leaves you. So would leave a relationship for Atlesst a month for every year they was toegether. Also keep your cool be understanding at all times no matter what you will be the prince in this. If you get with her become needy , paranoid , controlling her old feelings will come to haunt her and she will be doing all kinds behind your back. If I was completely honest with you dude move on get a girl who is only dependent on herself no past feelings for exes and stuff will Always build a solid foundation which is the moment you will always look back on. As we all know relationships always die settle abit lol and girls always remember them butterflies hAha trust I met my ex and moved in for a kiss way to soon she hated me for not making it special lol