How to get a cancer ex boyfriend back? PLEASE READ ALL IF YOU CAN!! (please don't comment just to say horoscopes are stupid etc)?

My ex and I have been split for about 5 months now, he broke up with me. I'll keep this to the main points.

basically we broke up because we was arguing a little bit. Two weeks later I heard he was seeing someone (it only lasted about a week and in hindsight she was a rebound and nothing serious) when I found out i ranted at him (wrong I know) and blocked him on Facebook before he could respond.

flash forward to a month after that (this now would be February) and I unblocked him and saw he messaged me about it, upon reading what he had to say (which was in fact that he was apparently not seeing her afterall and that he basically lost respect for me after what I said to him) I sincerely apologised for what I said and admitted it was a rash thing to do and was extremely childish, I also did get some things off my chest I wanted to say (politely of course, how he handled the breakup and how I feel he gave up too easily) later that same day he put a status on Facebook saying that his head was messed up (maybe this is related to what I said?)

fast at forward to last week (now may) and I was on a hen do and a little drunk and I contemplated Doing what I thaught about for the last few weeks and send him a friend request on Facebook... and to my absolute shock he actually accepted! And then to my further astonishment he started to like some of my selfies from my night out that I just uploaded (from my experience he only likes pictures of girls he's interested in or attracted to)...

I want to try and get him back but I'm scared he's not interested or moved on. Why do you think he accepted my friend request after such a bad breakup? Does anyone have any tips on how to get this cancer man back? I'm taking it a step at a time and being cautious and not running after him. I'm a Gemini anyway if that helps! Thankyou!!


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  • If he broke up with you, he obviously wants nothing to do with you in the sense of a relationship. It seems like he doesn't want any bad blood between the two of you.


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  • I think he's open to getting to hang out again possibly, but the only way to know is to ask him if he thinks there's a chance at you two hanging out again. I have no idea about horoscopes but if you don't ask you will never know, you can have your guard up but its better to find out sooner, you just want to know if there's an open communication line. Perhaps before asking, just chat more.

  • I was with a cancer man. He doesn't last long talking to someone or be in relationships and I was the longest girl which made me feel proud of myself... NOT! My ex wanted to be friends when he dumped me first time and then we went back out again. He went all ghost on me and I realized were over. I think he just wants to be friends and don't want any beef with you. Tell him how you feel and I doubt he wants you back not to be mean. Been there done that with a cancer man and I don't believe in horoscopes