How do I get over someone, if they are one of your only friends?

Awhile ago this girl rejected my advances. I heard the best way to get over someone is to cut off all communications with them. The problem is that she is one of my only friends, and we talk every day and see each other everyday. I didn't want to be lonely, so I just tried to work it out myself and continued with our friendship. I have tried to get over her for 6 months, but all it seems to have done is made me want her more. Plus, she is completely fine with the idea that I am basically obsessed with her, and supports my feelings even if she doesn't feel the same. It have been a growing pain, and I need to deal with my feelings now. How do I get over someone, if they are one of your only friends?


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  • You should end the friendship if it only causes you to want more, it's unfair for her to feel pressured (which she would knowing you want to date her) and it's unfair to you always wanting more when she doesn't. You won't move on if you keep seeing her regularly.

    • I don't really want to be lonely and she is always very supportive of me. Are you sure I should end my friendship with her. Is that the only way?

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    • Its kind of complicated, though I understand what you are trying to say. Its especially difficult to get over her is because I can't stop thinking she actually likes me. I see he stare at me from far away and then look away as soon as I look at her, she is always supportive, and she makes subtle hints here and there. I can't shake the notion that she is trying to hide it because the last time we tried to get into a relationship she hurt me. Do you think she is just trying to lead me on?

    • Looking at you and acting nervous doesn't mean she likes you, it's most probably that she feels awkward knowing you like her and she doesn't reciprocate, but she still likes you as a friend, and you're misinterpreting her behaviour because you want her to like you. It doesn't matter if she secretly has feelings for you, because she doesn't want to express those feelings or act on them, so accept the rejection and the best thing to do is move on.

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  • Stop being her friend and find a girl who's better than her.


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  • Time to make new friends :)

  • Tell her to help you get over her, let her watch you masturbate to her let her jerk u off really good until you cum a lot in her hand.., that will get her out ur system

    • She doesn't really want me to get over her for some reason, so I don't think she would allow that sort of thing.

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    • I have no idea if she is leading me on or not. Honestly the whole situation is a mess. We first met when I told her I liked her and she liked me back. We were going to be in a relationship, and then she said she never liked me when I asked her if she was pretending to like me. Now she says she is in a relationship with someone else for the entire time. However I have never seen this person she claims is her boyfriend even talk to her or mention her. I still see her stare at me sometimes, and all of this sort of makes me think she is lying about not liking me but doesn't really want to fight for me. When I said I might move on, she keeps telling me not too. I confused. Do you think she l likes me still or is she is telling the truth?

    • I'm thinking that what ever went wrong originally I'd the product of this. Thinking if she does like she's scared, maybe she thinks u guys might hurt eachother

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