Why do women want honesty but can never admit when they're wrong?

As a man I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong, swallow my pride and apologize to make the girl feel that I care for her and would do anything to appease her.
On the other hand I feel like girls are very hesitant on accepting their fault in a situation and would go lengths to make a guy feel guilty by spinning everything a guy says with a negative spin even though that wasn't the intent.

Sorry if none of this makes sense. I'm just ranting without providing anything specific. I'm just frustrated because my ex broke up with me without reason. Yet stating I'm a guy she could see herself with long-term. Kind of getting mixed messages here. She wants me in her life but doesn't want to date me right now.

Feels like she's holding onto me til she finds something better, if not I'm the fall back option.
I know I'm better than what I'm getting from her, yet I genuinely care about this girl.

Am I completely missing a point here?


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  • I will admit I'm wrong... reluctantly, but will admit it regardless.

    They don't want to take responsibility or feel bad for what they've done. They'd rather try to pass the blame and make themselves feel better about it. Also, pretty disrespectful.

    You're missing the fact that you're on "her hook". Time to disconnect yourself and move on.

    Remember how she makes you feel in this very moment. Angry, confused, sad.

    DON'T let her come back, no matter what. Or it'll be a repeat.

    • Thank you for MH!

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    • That is a solid plan! You really do have the most helpful advises. If only I could find someone new to help me get over this void I'm feeling.

    • Grab some friends and go out. Go to the beach, lake, hiking, go out on trails, maybe even boating! :]

      You'll forget about her in nooo time. ( & Thank you for the compliment. ^.^ )


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  • Hey now. Depends on the person really. I have an easier time admitting my wrong than most people I would say. I taught myself to be this way, but I tend to be quite hard on myself so it makes sense for my personality. It just sucks for people like us because things can feel so one-sided, but I've learned... do things for your own morals sake and not for the sake of expecting the same back out of others. Some people are just like that... they don't admit fault. Maybe you can notice gestures where you can tell they realize their wrong, that counts too.

  • I think, most women actually will admit when they're wrong. If she doesn't, its most likely because she honestly doesn't think she's wrong...


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  • It's hard to read a woman. A woman can mislead you by not truly letting you know what her plans are until she got things figure out. It's not fair for the man but if she can't be honest with you then, you have to protect yourself. Prepare yourself to move on if she don't want to show you she want to be with you. When a man hurt a woman, it just hard to make her the same woman again. I'm not sure if you hurt her before but she will never let go because it's always in the back of head about what you did and thinking will you do it again.

  • I agree with you. That is a pretty huge difference between men and women. I'm similar to you; when I screw up, I take my lumps, I learn from it and move on. When women screw up, they always try to deflects the blame elsewhere. It's kinda sad but true.

  • i think that if you tell them 'you were wrong, see this is why' then they will have a hard time admitting that. but if you ask them 'do you think you handled it the right way? i there may be better ways to handle that problem'. i think that they would have an easier time understanding your point of view.

  • Honestly that's just how women are. Women are just not worth it anymore. Let them do whatever man