How do I stop wanting my ex girlfriend so we can be just friends?

I broke up with my girlfriend of just over a year. We've been having lots of fights over the smallest things. I was attending a live-on campus while she went to school back home. until she got her first job I paid everything for her, phone/presents/dates/ect. We were happy for a long time till she seemed to be on edge all times about 3 months before the end. We had our crappy times, looking back it was from her lying or saying/doing something to hurt me when she was mad. I'd do my best to brush it off cause I know she was struggling through depression since before we met, but hearing enough bad things about myself from her started to give me insecurities about my appearance, intelligence and overall ego as a human. A month from moving back from the campus, we talked on the phone and she started talking about us splitting up saying she wanted to date other guys in the same conversation. about a weekafter I moved home she texted me asking if I wanted to be friends. I said yes, we met up at her house. we both seemed sad so I grabbed her close and hugged. We ended up in bed together, after we finished she broke down crying, telling me she loved me and wanted me back. SO back together we get and the next week she seems less interested and more done being together (Used me to pay phone bill) before she says we can't be together again. I started asking why and it was "I just can't be with you " or "I want to date other people" I asked what she meant about seeing other people. she admitted to hooking up with a guy right after we brokeup (less than 1 hour after) hinted she was fooling around with him before we split. She says she fell out of love with me but I have the same love for her even though I shouldn't after the lies, fighting, and abuse I endured. I don't know if she's the same person I first met. my heart feels empty if I think of dating anyone else. I'm trying to be friend's now but I don't know what kind of person she is now. I still wish we could start over.


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  • Trust me it's impossible.. I'm in the same situation.. Even though we are just friends I unconsciously keep flirting with him and that sucks


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  • you two can't be friends