My ex girlfriend has shut me out of her life completely. How can I win her back?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me after a year of dating. Our relationship was pretty toxic and I was a dick to her at times but began working and bettering myself. Closer to the end of our relationship she would lash out on me and be mean for no reason because she hasn't been able to get over a huge argument that we had back in January. Finally at the end of May she broke it off with me and we had broken up many times before but could tell this time may be it. I did my begging and pleading the day it happened but hadn't done anymore since then as I had immediately gotten online to get some advice on how to when her back. Since we broke up we've talk a little and every time we talk she is so angry or hateful toward me. A week and a half ago she comes at me so hostile wanting money from me that she had loaned me in the beginning of our relationship and had told me not to worry about it. I feel that she did this because she saw I was going out and having a good time with friends. She said all these mean and hurtful things that day but I told her I would get the money to her. Later that night I went by her house dropped the money off on her front porch and left. I told her the money was there and she began calling me and texting me and I wouldn't respond. She told me things like you can't even give me the money to my face. How disrespectful is that. I hope you're okay with never seeing me again. I always answer your calls the first time. And I didn't reply still only to come that once I tried to contact a week later that I was blocked from her phone and she has taken me off of all her social media. We had not talked since then until today regarding a situation that involves a dog that we had gotten together and even then she was still so hostile and angry at me. I really love this girl but from the way things have panned out I'm not sure she wants to try to fix things anymore. It is like she doesn't care to talk to me anymore and when we do she is angry at me. Help?


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  • You don't get back with her, someone who treats you like that shouldn't be in your life. You will find someone better.


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  • That girl is insane. I'm going to do you a favor and not offer advice on how to get back together with her.