Does my ex think about me?

When my ex watches movies and people kiss and what not does that remind him of me if he’s not with anyone? He broke up with me so am I still in his head? Does he still think about the way I hug and kiss? Does he still think about the memories we had together?

Most Helpful Guy

  • well first of all it all kind of depends on how long you guys have been broken up. but of course he thinks of you.i mean me as a guy can know that. we guys tend to think about a brake up more than we can show. so don't you worry because you are now going to know that he is still thinking about you. that's how we guys are. now if that answers your question.i'm really glad it did. but just remember that he still thinks about you, the way you kiss, the way you hug, and in other words everything about you.

    • We have been broken up for 2 1/2 months but it still feels like yesterday to me.

    • Why thank you. knowing that I have helped someone makes me happy. and I hope that you can go on and be happy.