Does my ex think about me?

When my ex watches movies and people kiss and what not does that remind him of me if he’s not with anyone? He broke up with me so am I still in his head? Does he still think about the way I hug and kiss? Does he still think about the memories we had together?


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  • well first of all it all kind of depends on how long you guys have been broken up. but of course he thinks of you.i mean me as a guy can know that. we guys tend to think about a brake up more than we can show. so don't you worry because you are now going to know that he is still thinking about you. that's how we guys are. now if that answers your question.i'm really glad it did. but just remember that he still thinks about you, the way you kiss, the way you hug, and in other words everything about you.

    • We have been broken up for 2 1/2 months but it still feels like yesterday to me.

    • Why thank you. knowing that I have helped someone makes me happy. and I hope that you can go on and be happy.

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  • I'd say it depends on how long you were together and how intense his feelings were back then. The circumstances of the breakup can be a factor, but they won't erase the real unforgettable times very rapidly. So I'd say yes, unless you were one of those on/off couples, he probably does - and maybe even somewhat at moments when he isn't alone. You can miss someone and remember them for a long time even if you may not have plans to get back with them. Sometimes we get out of relationships because things change. It doesn't mean we always regret that it started. They say don't dwell in the past and it's true, but you don't want it all to have been for nothing. If we try to wipe out everything that is behind us, we may not have much of our life that counts. So there are some memories I keep. I don't bring them to mind when I'm making love, but they're not gone.

  • ok it depends.

    if it was an asshole dude then no. he's probably thinkin about the next girl more.

    if it was a nice, caring guy then yeah. hell think about you a lot until he feels that he found someone better.

  • If the break-up is recent he probably does still think about you. But if he broke up with you it's for a reason, so don't think much of it.


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  • I think its almost safe to say that THERE MAY always be thoughts of you, memories are forever regardless of a break up or not. HOWEVER I completely agree with '' Just - A- Random- Guy'' he broke up with you . . If those thoughts in him were genuine I assume he would tell you, ( depending on the type of guy he is ) but then why even care he ended it with you. The problem is your giving him a second thought which equals power. If he's thinking about you great for him . . Remember for what ever reason he CHOSE to leave you . . Don't care what he's thinking about , think about moving on . Better yet think about creating memories with someone else who doesn't just want them to be MEMORIES.

    • Thank you I like how you put in the "power" thing I don't like to be empowered by a guy.

    • Your So welcome best of luck ALWAYS . And chose a good guy , the BEST kind of guy for U.

  • my ex dumped me a couple days ago after a year, and I always wonder the same thing, because I know for sure I still do whenever I see that.if you think you made an impact on his life then I assure you that he probably is thinking of u, it also depends on how long its been.if it was recent then even the toughest guy is thinking about you, they just have a rep to uphold so they don't show it