Does my ex want to be friends & can that work?

My ex text me after our break up saying he hopes I'm well. Last week I text him & he carried on talking on & off throughout the week even though I didn't expect him to reply because I didn't ask a question. He said he's been ok & was using emojis & seemed friendly. A couple days later asked how my new flat is. I joked about the plant we got that it's almost dead, and then he said "it's nice to kind of chat to you though" and then he mentioned he'd be off work all next week because he's having an operation & I hope it goes well. He said thanks (the name he used to call me). I feel bad that he'll be by himself in hospital, but we're not together. Is it a good sign that maybe we can be friends?


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  • Best to cut off all contact and never see or talk to them again... move on.


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  • It is a very good sign you can be friends. Just take it very slowly and make sure neither of you are expecting much romantically on either side.