My ex boyfriend is very passive aggressive towards me?

My ex boyfriend dumped me almost a year ago, its been very hard for me to get over him. The entire time he has played games with me, stringing me along and seeing other girls. I have finally, and seriously!, really started to move on and haven't spoken to him in a couple of months, and he is starting to be very passive aggressive towards me. Doing little things that are getting under my skin, but I refuse to react to them. Why does he need to be passive aggressive? He broke up with me, so shouldn't he be over it?

Why are people passive aggressive?


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  • im sorry you had to go through this hun. I have been throught the same I know how you feel. um I'm not sure wot you mean by passive agressive. like agressive emotionally , verbally? not physical. well if that's the case then I no how ya feel. well frm my experince is tht a guy will do tht if he is very insecure bout himself. I used to blame it on me but its bout them feeling like crap so they make you feel worthless so you get to the point where you fink no one will want you but him . then he wnt have those fears of you leaving he becomes posessive and plays games with you. write this bloke off, stop talkin to him. onestly he isn't worth it.

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      Ya, he did make me feel like he would be the only one to love me... I'm glad you can relate... he is passive aggressive in an emotional way and does little things that are obviously directed towards me but I'm sure he could come up with some excuse if I ever brought them up to him (sorry this is vague). its all so stupid and immature.