Blocked me on Facebook?

My ex-boyfriend just blocked me on Facebook when we haven't talked for weeks. Why? Okay, I'll make this as brief as possible because I know you guys... Show More

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  • It seems like this guy is a bit unstable, even when he sent you that text. First of all, therapy is a place where he probably got the idea to separate with you. When he sent you that text, he was probably expecting you to respond enthusiastically. And when you didn't, it probably shot his ego down. Going to therapy is a great way to work out your own problems - but it can also give you a sense that you are the most important person in your own life (NOT saying that this is what is going on). It just seems a bit insensitive to me that he kicks you out, then tries to reel you back in, especially on your birthday - you shouldn't have to deal with his crap on YOUR day! He probably thought you'd feel blessed and so utterly happy to have this guy who ended all contact to FINALLY contact you on your MOST SPECIAL day and tell you that he LOVES you. Oh, puke. It's selfish on his part. And you responded perfectly.

    Many times a guy who thinks he is the most important person in his life will kick a girlfriend (or anyone) out of his life to see how the girlfriend will react. They will get great satisfaction out of it. Then the guy will expect the girlfriend to keep trying to contact him so the guy can have power over her. When you didn't try to get in contact with him, he was probably hurt and shocked. So he left you a little effortless text message about his feelings. If he really felt that way, would he find that the most appropriate and sensitive way to contact you, considering your feelings and the circumstances? Uh, no.

    Him blocking you on Facebook is just his way of getting back at you for ignoring him. He fails to realize that ignoring him is what he wanted in the first place! Are you just supposed to be at his beck and call? No. You're supposed to move on with your life, and you did, which did not fit into his little I'm-a-victim charade. Congratulations to you! The way you handled the situation was really perfect - you tried to help him, you listened to him, you were polite, you exercised great willpower, and you moved on. It's natural to wonder why, in the face of your awesomeness, that he would be so petty. And it's because he realized he wasn't as awesome. Simple as that.

    p.s. You rock.

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    • Thank you! It has been a while since I wrote this question, and I'm 95% over it now, but your answer was awesome :)