My ex told me not to call him ever again, should I call?

He thinks we're incompatible. He believes that we can never work out as we always fight. He dumped me a week ago and I have called him several times begging and crying to take me back but he was absolutely uninterested, rude and clear that we're not right together. He doesn't want me to contact him.

But I miss him so much because I am alone and life is boring. Should I call him? As a bored friend?


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  • what kind of a question is this? Under no circumstance should you call. I've had ex's that won't let go and it really ruin's how I look at them. If someone says don't call, it mean's DON'T CALL!

    • K.. I haven't called as yet... thanks 4 d advice

    • Yeah? I'm glad you are following it. You two may even yet end up friends. I had an ex that wouldn't leave me be, and I ended up feeling really dis-respected by her in the long run. It caused a lot of ugly fights. Which is too bad because I think we would have been friends if she hadn't pushed it so hard. Good luck.

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  • Never ever ever call a guy, especially if he has said not to!

    Make him work, make him be like 'wth, she's not calling anymore'

    Everybody wants what they can't have.

    Make him want you, all because he can't have you.

    Your a womannn, a strong independant woman. Don't call, let him call you. If he doesn't, blerr, no loss.. Move on.

    Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't even care about feelings anyway? Have standards.

  • no

  • No don't but make him see what he is missing. Like dress in his favorite outfit do your hair how he likes it, everything. Believe me he'll notice. But give it time. If it's meant to be it will be.

  • are you for real? Don't call him! if you're bored try out something new that involves lots of new people, like a sport or a club, you can do way better than that..!