Why would my ex contact my friend to see how im doing, then when I text him personally he doesn't reply?

So i broke up with my ex 2months ago. I changed my number too because he really pissed me off and didn't want him blowing me up and me trying hard to ignore then end up responding anyway. So my friend forward me as text of him asking how im doing and that he missed me and didn't want me to know. So i text him and said im doing fine, thanks for inquiring and i miss him to and hope he is well. I didn't reply with a question to keep the convo going but that was my way of giving him my number and letting him now im no longer angry. I do not want him back but dont mind being cordial. Why no response?


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  • Because "he missed me and didn't want me to know" so he wasn't expecting a reply from you.


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  • Because there's nothing more he can say to that