See the conversation I had with this guy and tell me what should I do?

It's been 2 months we are chatting, he flirted with me and told me He will marry me and have kids with me but at the same time he sent me pics with his girlfriend and when I asked him if it was his girlfriend he did not answer but I know she was, so I saied him ( see screenshot) :
See the conversation I had with this guy and tell me what should I do ?
Now it's been 5 days we did not talk because I get mad and he told me : " we can be friends, maybe today my girlfriend is my girlfriend but tomorrow she won't be anymore"

I really miss him a lot because even if he have a girlfriend he always pursued me, answered my text immediately ( even when he was with her), and he made me feel desired. It's against my values to speak to this kind of boy but we really enjoyed speaking together until very late nights etc

Should I contact him back? Please guys advice me honestly

I'm especially in men opinion to know if you could do this and if so why would you talk to another girl if you had a gf?


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  • He's playing you. Guys like that can never commit to one girl so if you want to be happy, stay away from him.

    • Do you think it is possible that he just don't like his girlfriend but he stays with her because I'm far from him?

    • Based on the way he talks, I don't think that's the case.

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  • If he is doing this to his girlfriend, chances are that he will do it to you. Even if he breaks up with his girlfriend and decides to be with you, you will always be paranoid and have trust issues. Nothing is stopping him from doing it again.. He seems like a typical fucboi!


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  • I've been with guys like this. It never ends well. They use you, tell you they like you, tell you they love you, they'll say ANYTHIN and EVERYTHING to get you to fall for them, and then as soon as they get what they want they're gone just like that. Plus if he's willing to hear on his girlfriend like he's doing, he's gonna be just as willing to cheat on you. I've been there many times with guys so take it from me.

  • don't contact him back. he's definitely not the guy u will want to be with. think about this: what if u and his girlfriend switch roles, will u be happy if he's dating u and liking other girls at the same time? i don't think so eh? best for u: break all ties from him

  • Dont be a hoe