How to leave a ten year relationship with the father of my children?

I have been with the same person since I was 19, that's 10 years together. We have a son that's almost 9 and a 2 year old daughter. I've been unhappy in our relationship for years and I have told my partner many times that I needed more from him. He always promises to change but never does! I want to leave but I'm scared to hurt him by leaving! I'm also afraid he will make the same promises and it will circle all over again. I don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling this way and resenting him! What should I do?


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  • You're scared to leaved because you fell guilty but you ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! If he's not doing his share of the work then leave... The kids might be scared and confused but fuck it... sacrifices must be made...


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  • You have two options: Work together on changes, because I like you married young, and have been married for almost thirty years. Marriage is work. You have ups, and downs. Chances are he is not the only one needing to change. If you can't communicate to fix the issues, you have nothing. Sit down if you care, tell him it is the last chance. Ask him what you can do to change for him. Take it a day at a time. Set goals, see where you are when the goal dates come. If you haven't made progress, leave... don't be miserable always, and don't just stay for the kids... those marriages make the worst... kids will adapt, as long as you remain on friendly terms and don't play games... best of luck