Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?

If so why, and did you try and get back with them?


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  • You mean break up regarding anything right? even friendship? or are you asking about a committed relationship only?


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  • Oh definitely.
    Why? I missed him so much. I missed having that dependable routine everyday, having intimacy and affection, someone to go to, and I just missed him in general. Like the stuff we'd laugh about or his mannerisms and the things he'd say or do. I loved him so of course I didn't just suddenly stop.

    And I did try to get back with him, but I learned that if you break up with someone, those reasons why don't go away just because you miss them. You ended it for a reason. It's only your emotions saying you should get involved again, not logic. You start telling yourself whatever they did wasn't that bad, or the relationship was fine and you overreacted. But that's just what people do, they see the better side of the past. I don't advise it.


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  • Yes cuz although I was trying to move on I missed them


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