Why does my ex still contact me?

Ok, so I know that I am probably not the first person to ask this question, but any advice I receive would be appreciated, so me and the jerk were together for 2 years in which I played the role of sucker and he played the role of cheater, and yet I loved him to the depths of my soul, we broke up... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • For starters YOUR NOT being paranoid. There are two part's to my answer first I DO think he may have ulterior motives this goes back to you wondering if he's just trying to keep you on the back burner in case things don't work out with him and his current ''newbie''. I don't by the whole he spent nights crying thinking of you. . Where were his tear's when he was hurting you ? Ugh . .Some guys suck because they ALWAYS know what they want , but are 2 damn selfish to see what's real and then its our faults. He knows he didn't want to be with you , he knows it hurt ,( You) but you asking question's makes you paranoid , some damn nerve. Why the hell is he telling you he misses you now ? Is the grass not greener ? Does he think your world still revolves around him ? Second part to my answer probably wouldn't be defined as a question , more of a comment / question . First what do you want ? Can you see this man being back in your life ? If you still can Why ? And seriously consider every reason possible. And second because he seems to be being sneaky ( I mean he does have a girl) do you really want to be the girl who dishes with someone Else's guy ? I'm not saying something is going to happen , but he seems like he has a few trick up his sleeves . Be careful, but be smart.