I sabotaged my ex and now im pregnant what to do?

My ex boyfriend Jason and i was together for 5 months. Im only 17 but i turn 18 next month. he's 24 but he's my first love and im still not over him. He broke up with me 3 wks ago because he felt as though im too obsessive over him. The thing is is that i told him i was on birth control and i wasn't and so him thinking i was he didn't pull out. I go on his instagram daily and i made a fake snap just to watch his snaps. I recently saw on snapchat that he was kissing on this girl who i think is his new chick. Im so hurt.. I love him so much.. He blocked me a couple days ago because he said i was being annoying because i kept texting him. I may be pregnant and i dont know what to do... Should i try dming him on ig?

Im sorry i may be pregnant!


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  • I guess he was correct in breaking up with you, because you are too obsessive. Honestly girl, do you feel no shame about lying to him about using birth control? Because frankly - you should.

    Also make a pregnancy test as soon as possible. And hope you aren't pregnant.

    Last, but not least. Give yourself a strong slap in the face for even considering doing something this stupid and playing with the lifs of three people (you, him and the possible child).


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  • Firstly find out if you are pregnant.

    Secondly see this as a lesson... what if you are pregnant and he's moved on? You tricked him and he may want nothing to do with your child. It isn't fair on anyone and he has every right to move on if he didn't feel right with you.

    I know it sounds harsh but you are under 18, you are still learning, but you must see this is a stupid thing to do?

    • Its so hard to move on i feel in love with him i can't stop thinking about him

    • A first love is always the hardest. I was the same. I'm not proud of it (and it's more complex than it will sound) but my ex made me unstable. To the point I had a log of all of his online movements in a book. I was convinced he was cheating and I was going to prove it. I loved him but I needed proof of what was happening.
      I was with him for 5 -and a half years. It ended with him cheating on me with his best friends little sister who was a child at the time. I don't want you to go through the same thing as me so I'm telling you now.

      Deep breathes. Have some time out. Don't speak to him. Don't stalk him. Give your phone and laptop to a friend for a few days or something if need be. Get complete distance. Watch some soppy films, see your friends. Realise there is a life without him.
      Otherwise you will become a very unhappy doormat. Everytime he single & is looking for a quickie he will come to your very open and ready legs. Don't be a doormat. Be a person. Be THAT person he can't have


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  • There's a chance you aren't pregnant. Just cause someone ejaculated inside doesn't mean it's 100% so I'd get tested.

  • I'm pregnant or MAY be pregnant?


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  • Well, first, make sure you're pregnant lol. You say in the question title that you are pregnant, then in the description that you maybe pregnant. Either you are or you're not but double check and make sure first.

    If you are pregnant, tell him. There's several ways to get in touch with people these days due to technology.

    You aren't pregnant, grow up and move on.

  • damn u need to chill and get a pregnancy test also stop obsessing and stalking