Why would you break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend over a text?

OK.. So my boyfriend decided to break up with me through a text a month ago for a girl who went to his school.. And I'm still hurt over it because I... Show More

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  • I'd agree with you... I don't think it's right to text someone when breaking up with them.I believe you need to do it in person. I think we've lost sight in the real emotions that come with talking to people, and of course breaking up. I think it's very immature on a lot of levels, when the only thing you can do is text, rather than explaining the reasons. Lets get real, and be real with ourselves, and with each other. It's just sad that we've come this far, but in reality we've lost a lot of who we are, and the end result is based on what just happened... I'm sorry it happened, and I hope you can move on to a better place, because I know how hard it is. But I hope you can find a person that has enough courtesy to tell you in person...

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    • Yeahh I agree! Thankyou. and after he texted me that I was like "Cant you at least call me if you can't even do it in person?" and he's like "I will later" think he ever did? Hahaha nopeee. So I'm just left wondering what I did wrong.. I know he left me for some other girl who went to his school.. but I don't understand why.. haha and they already broke up too! He's something else.. but anyways.. thankyou(: