Why would you break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend over a text?

OK.. So my boyfriend decided to break up with me through a text a month ago for a girl who went to his school.. And I'm still hurt over it because I really loved him.. We hung out the night b4 but he decided to break up with me in a text the next day instead.. Well.. The question is.. Why? Why would you want to break up with someone in a text? Is it just me or would you rather be broken up in person too? I mean.. At least you can see there real emotion in how they say it instead of a text that says "Its not working out" I just want to know other thoughts.. Thanks


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  • I'd agree with you... I don't think it's right to text someone when breaking up with them.I believe you need to do it in person. I think we've lost sight in the real emotions that come with talking to people, and of course breaking up. I think it's very immature on a lot of levels, when the only thing you can do is text, rather than explaining the reasons. Lets get real, and be real with ourselves, and with each other. It's just sad that we've come this far, but in reality we've lost a lot of who we are, and the end result is based on what just happened... I'm sorry it happened, and I hope you can move on to a better place, because I know how hard it is. But I hope you can find a person that has enough courtesy to tell you in person...

    • Yeahh I agree! Thankyou. and after he texted me that I was like "Cant you at least call me if you can't even do it in person?" and he's like "I will later" think he ever did? Hahaha nopeee. So I'm just left wondering what I did wrong.. I know he left me for some other girl who went to his school.. but I don't understand why.. haha and they already broke up too! He's something else.. but anyways.. thankyou(:

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  • Depends on the content.

  • It is because they are afraid or just immature, either/or. Afraid that they might feel bad and just stay. Or afraid that they might get smacked or something.

    • Haha yeah that's true.. but he knows I'm not abusive and I would never hurt him no matter what. And I wouldn't bug him to stay with me. bleh,.. its just confusing. Thankyou for commenting(:

  • He's probably just afraid. Even more so if he knew that you really liked him.

    • Well yeah.. I really did like him.. and I thought he liked me.. but ehh idk. I would of taken it better if it were in person.. its not like I would of cried infront of him, I wouldn't of even yelled.. it just bugs me.

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    • Aweee. I'm so sorry. I think that's just incredibly wrong. Its really hard.

    • I know :/ oh well

  • this is gonna sound pretty harsh but...

    you're under 18

    and pretty much all the guys around that age and some older too are immature and don't care about anything but some arm candy

    they just want the prettiest girl on their arm so they can be more popular

    and you said you 'really love him'

    You might but MOST of the time

    its just the girl saying that because she wants to believe that

    where I think she isn't really mature enough to make that decision

    and I would NEVER break up over a text because I'm not that cruel

    • Yeah I totaly understamd where your coming from. We are both young. 15 years old. I've talked to people and the said love and lust feels a lot alike. But Idk. Ill know one day what it really was. All I know is that it really hurts. Thankyou for commenting me on what you think

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  • i agree completely my boyfriend broke up with me a little over a week ago thro txt and its killin me but about 10 min before that he kisses me and says it will be ok... yeah right

    • Oh wowwww!! I'm soo so so so so sorry!! guys are such jerks! I don't understand how they can treat us that way. He filled my head with stuff that I easily believed.. which I'm now oaying the price.. but anyways.. I'm sorry for that): its been a month in a half and I'm still hurt... but I'm very sensitive.. thaqnks for commenting(:

  • My sister really loved this dude., && they hung out the morning before. Then when she got home., he texted her saying he loved her. They talked it out later., && he said that the girl he broke up with her for., talked to him after they hung out., && she said that she wanted him back && all kinds of stuff.