Please, help me figure out my ex?

What does it mean when your ex spends his birthday with you on Skype (he planned a party on the weekend so it wasn't out of desperation or anything), without even wishing you a happy bday perfectly knowing when it is? Or when he sends you "teasy"(or just shirtless) pics and clips but will never text you first in 10 months? Also, telling me he will take ne to a vacation to this place we both really like, but wouldn't even bother visiting ne since I moved to a city near him, to attend university (we had a ldr). He also posts a lot of "cheesy" "romantic" songs on his facebook, when he would never do that while we were together, and lost a lot of weight. I've also made the mistake of telling him i'm still in love with him, to which he replied "I can't really figure out whats up in my head but it's nice to hear this kind of things. I'd hug you to death tho." by the way, I broke up with him.


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  • Then why do you care? "I can't figure what's up in my head" means "I'm not interested and never will be unless you just want to fuck." You've been warned


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  • He sounds like he still have feelings for you. Just keeping talking to him and see where things go from there.