Cheating: we know its very common in relationships. But how does the partner find out? How did you find out?

Some people are naturally trusting in relationships and some are not.

Do you agree with the statement: innocent until proven guilty?

Haven you cheated before? Did you come clean or get caught? How'd you get caught?

Have you been cheated on? Did they confess? Or did you "catch" them? How so?


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  • Depends, I cheated so long ago. I did it because I was young and dumb and couldn't get rid of a stalking ex so I cheated and told him I did right after in hopes he'd leave me alone and never did just made him worse. I was probably 17. So I'm not actually a cheater very much loyal. My ex of years was and he just didn't want to hide it I guess or never thought I'd see his phone because the first time I picked it up was another woman's number saved in his phone under sweet pea, pics of tons of chicks saved in gallery. Obviously sent to him texts from 3 diff chicks and fb messages from multiple different chicks as well. He just didn't care to hide evidence because he knew I respected his privacy. I wasn't even trying to find anything when I came across the texts I was using his phone to text my dad because mine was dead and bam seen everything. So if you normally don't snoop he mite not delete. Of if he has a lock code that you don't know he won't delete either. I forgave him it was only a month into our relationship he dropped everyone for me for about 3 years then he started back up again with talking to other women it got sneakier. He was using gmail account. To email and fb messenger. I heard ding ding at 4 am who the hell is texting you at 4 am he admitted. So were done. We stayed living together for a little because we had a kid and I noticed a bag full of crap like snakcs and stuff I was like who brought this over and he said he bought it found out he had a girlfriend through that. Lol he just wasn't good at being sneaky. I think my now boyfriend acts fishy here and there like he may be but I have no proof yet, could just be paranoia.

    • Thanks for sharing all that with us.

    • Lol it was a lot. My life story is full of bs.


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  • I have been cheated on before. I think the main thing that gave it away was that he started spending less time at home and more time at "work". And when I'd call or reach out, he'd only give me one worded responses. He used to always greet me good morning and good night at the start and end of our days but it gradually stopped. To be honest, you will just know from your womanly instincts.

    He becomes less affectionate and attentive.

    • Over time? What do you mean more time at work?

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    • I wasn't sure if you were trying to say he was cheating with a co worker or lying about being at work when he wasn't. How did you know? GPS?

    • @layla1234 Obviously he wasn't working, but he was definitely with her. No, I didn't stalk him but I am pretty gifted with finding things out and know a lot of people.

  • The protectiveness and secrecy around the mobile phone & social media

  • I have never cheated and never been cheated on.

  • I cheated felt so guilty that I told, another time I was caught and I did catch someone

  • I suspected my husband was cheating when I found a box of condoms in the backseat of his truck. I asked him why he had them, and he confessed. I think what hurt the most was finding out later that my brother and my best friend both knew what was going on, and didn't have the heart to tell me. That made it even more humiliating.