Girls, Ex dumped me now she's jealous?

My girl dumped me because of fighting and bs like that. She acts all hot and cold now but mostly acts like she doesn't want me back. But she got real pissed when she heard i got hit on by some other chick. My question is, if you ladies broke up with a guy, would you only be jealous if you still loved him? Or would you just be jealous out of some sense of entitlement? No offense intended.


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  • Fighting, acting hot and cold, get pissed, get jealous... All these points clearly shows that she's very immature, and also playing hard to get. If you're looking for a long-lasting, mature and understanding rs, give up on her and look for a better women. If I broke up and get a little jealous of my ex, it means I still haven't let him go yet (still have feelings). Never out of some sense of entitlement. What entitlement would I want? An ex is an ex for a reason.

    • Yea true. I have a feeling when i just stop talking to her shel get pissed that i stopped. If that happens, probly should just move on.

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    • Lol i mean like if she's playing hard to get, i will probly be able to find out if i stop chasing her. And if she is playing games then screw that im not gonna lose my self respect over it.

    • Way to go! :D:D:D

  • She sounds like she's playing games, and probably imagines you two will have some "Notebook" moment in the rain.

    If she was actually over you, then she wouldn't get jealous.
    I'm completely over all my exes, so I really don't care who they date or if they get married. I even feel happy for them.

    • Wow thats actually probly not that far from the truth. Women set themselves up for disapointment when their idea of a relationship is based on hollywood

  • Entitlement and love both. Do you want her back?

    • Yes, still love her

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    • Yea it was a pretty serious relationship. I dont wanna be played with but it sucks to just walk away when it used to be so great. But i dont have much choice

    • You'll find better