Back scratches?

Do women like having their backs scratched? What's the best way to give one? When is the right time to do them?


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  • i love getting my back scratched! it just feels so good! For me there are really no "good " ones to give them as long as it feels good. But start off kind of soft without the use o your nails or anything like that. Just use like the palm of your hand. Then you can ask if she wants it a little rougher and you can lightly use your nails. As for the best time, obviously not randomly or something. But try to start a conversation about back scratching. You could say I give a mean back massage or something like that and I am sure she will take the bait.

    • Hmmm.... not sure how I could start one relevantly, but thanks a lot!

    • Haha I can see how that would be hard to bring up casually, but I always start talking about something I read or saw on TV. LIke "Oh I saw on TV that back scratches are good for your health or something like that." This works wonders if there is a dull in the conversation. :)

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  • back scratches? do you mean a back rub? lol I guess it depends on the person. if you're gonna scratch her back do it lightly. you don't want her to have scratch marks. women's skin is much more softer, supple and sensitive than men's. so scratch lightly.

  • i love getting my back scratched, I wouldn't know when is the right time to do them, because usually I'm like "scratch my back" lol

  • I love scratches. That sh** is crazy! Hell yeah! Give one all the way to the ass crack!

  • i love getting my back scratched and I love when a guy is doing it and he kinda just gently tickles my back with is fingers starting from the top of my back working all the way down I love that feeling!


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