Back scratches?

Do women like having their backs scratched? What's the best way to give one? When is the right time to do them?

Most Helpful Girl

  • i love getting my back scratched! it just feels so good! For me there are really no "good " ones to give them as long as it feels good. But start off kind of soft without the use o your nails or anything like that. Just use like the palm of your hand. Then you can ask if she wants it a little rougher and you can lightly use your nails. As for the best time, obviously not randomly or something. But try to start a conversation about back scratching. You could say I give a mean back massage or something like that and I am sure she will take the bait.

    • Hmmm.... not sure how I could start one relevantly, but thanks a lot!

    • Haha I can see how that would be hard to bring up casually, but I always start talking about something I read or saw on TV. LIke "Oh I saw on TV that back scratches are good for your health or something like that." This works wonders if there is a dull in the conversation. :)