What does it mean if he won't talk after a break up?

we been broke up 3 week, broke up on good terms,(distance), now he won't talk to me, doesn't know if and when we will be friends but he did say there wasn't another girl

  • He still has feelings
    24% (37)32% (27)27% (64)Vote
  • He has something to hide
    9% (13)5% (4)7% (17)Vote
  • He is scared to tell me how he really feels
    18% (27)14% (12)17% (39)Vote
  • Who knows?
    49% (75)49% (41)49% (116)Vote
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thanks for all the feedback I don't think friends is an option it would have been nice but it would have never worked out I'm going about my business now


Most Helpful Girl

  • Its takes time to move on and you guys are broken up so you can't be friends suddenly after 3 weeks even if it ended on good terms.

    he needs space and he wants to move on that's why he is not talking to you, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have feelings or hiding something. He doesn't need to hide anything you re broken up, simply.

    i would say give it at least few months untill you could actually talk to him again and then you could be friends and you de be moved on.

    But talking to him right now isn't gunna make things easy its gunna make things even harder, he needs time and you re obviously still hoping that by talking to him or being his friend then it might work out and be together again... you need to let go!


What Guys Said 9

  • it could be a combination of the choices on your poll. Still, the most likely scenario is that he just wants some breathing space, to explore other possibilities, even if he doesn't have a specific girl in mind.

    • Breathing space makes since he is 28 and he did say he relied on me to much and needs to do more on his own

  • u guys can't be friends, if you have or had feelings for each other. so either you guys should quit totally or you guys are still in love. their could be any possibility from guy's side.

  • He is trying to move on, he might be trying to meet another girl. He just doesn't think it will be very easy to be with you

  • He know what your update says is the truth

  • I'm thinking that he really does like you but it's too hard to have any form of contact with you. So the best way for him to make his transition away from you be easier would be for him to cut contact with you off as much as possible.

  • I think it could be all of the above as well as it is harder to go through the "get over it and move on" stage if you are still talking to someone you had (or still have) feelings for.

  • Lol. Gotta love how you don't put "He just isn't into me anymore."

    Way to lead the participants in the poll.

  • I would say if it were me it would probably be because I don't want to make it harder on myself not being with you.

    • My ex told me something similar when breaking up with me. He told me he didn't know if we could be friends, and said that being friends with his exes usually didn't work out. That was 2 months after break up. I got the courage to call him, and it was not a good convo. 3 months after that phone call he started posting things about how he I was on his mind.. and I so I sent him a message and it took him weeks to respond back to me, on any normal message like Hey What's up? (which was not

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    • And then maybe I can just move on. I can close a door, that continually feels like it could be swung open, or permanently shut at anytime. I just don't know when that is.

      Do you have any advice for me? What do you think of my situation? Anyone?

    • Mpwilke that's way toooooooooo many comments here.. I think you should ask that in a question... I don't think Jhood read any of that either...

  • It doesn't matter if you are on good terms or not. He is obviously into the other girl, he has probabbly has no desire to talk to you nearly as much if at all especially seeing how your not with each other.

    HELLO your broken up.


What Girls Said 18

  • Doesn't mean anything, my first serious relationship the guy told me it wasn't another girl and then a week later he was all over another girl. But honestly could be a ton of reasons.. maybe he still cares about you and isn't able to deal with the distance or the break up so well.. a lot of guys tend to try to completely cut themselves off from complicated situations.. they feel it will be easier to just avoid it all together.. My best advice is to just Let him be and not hold a grudge. You broke up for a reason, whether you still care about each other or not, you broke up.. Either bad timing in life to be together, not right for each other, whatever it was for a reason, try to enjoy the time being single.. If you are meant to be it will happen when the time is right and if not then you will eventually be grateful it happened this way and will learn a big lesson about yourself and what you really want in a relationship.

  • he may not be over you, but you both need to move on. It's over.

  • He could still be hurt and withdrawl about the same as a girl will sometimes

  • It could just be that he wants to move on...

  • it means you broke up.. which kinda means he should try and get over you.. and if that means him not talking to you ... you should really respect that...

  • Generally, breakups are not peaceful, joyous events. People usually feel a certain amount of hurt and confusion over them, even if it's for the best. It can be hard to talk to someone when you have that tension between you. It's usually best to cut off contact with them for the most part so that you can heal and move on.

  • I said who knows... because you didn't give a "he doesn't want to talk to you" or a "He's moved on with his life and you're not in it" option.

  • Your grammar is amazing.

  • It's none of those poll options, he obviously just doesn't want to talk to you! He is probably heart broken, or just figures since you broke up your not meant to talk, or he just doesn't want to talk.

  • it could mean anything from he still likes u, to, he hates you or he just doesn't feel any emotion towards you at all.

  • I broke up with my ex on somewhat good terms. I don't talk to him just because there's no point really. We're not going to be friends and we're not going to be together.

    What's the point?

  • It still probably hurts for him. And he doesn't know to how to handle things with you, so he'll ignore you and pretends things are alright between you guys even though you don't talk anymore. -- Give him some time, he'll come around. And if not then just make conversation. Nothing about what you guys used to be.

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  • Who knows? My guess is he needs the space. Even if you broke up on good terms, being friends right after is hard. You need time away from someone in order to truly get over that person. It sucks, but it works. My ex and I were like best buddies after we broke up, but it made me confused about how I felt. And it made him go back and forth about wanting another chance. The time apart has given me some perspective. As much as it hurts to lose a friend, I probably wouldn't have been as ok with the breakup as I am now.

  • He's over you. Sorry.

  • He's in his man cave and hell stay there for awile. Give him some space for awhile. It could be hard to talk to you right now for him, and if you call and bother him he might never call.