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Sociopathic ex-boyfriend trying to get to me?

We lasted nearly two years. I broke up with him last September because he was a manipulative sociopath that lied and hurt me constantly. For months,... Show More

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  • Well, I have a sociopath for a brother so what I did was just completely cut him out of my life, just act as though he never existed. If he tries to get in contact with you in any way, just ignore it. If he calls, don't pick it up. If he sends an email, just delete it. Break any and all connections. Also, if you guys have mutual friends, you might need to distance yourself from them as well because he will try to use them against you. I agree with the idea for the restraining order, although I personally haven't gone that far.

    He will still try to screw with you, but eventually he will leave you alone if you don't acknowledge his existence. Do your best to forget him, and eventually he'll forget about you. It just takes some time.

What Guys Said 6

  • Get a restraining order taken out on him. Remove whatever Facebook friend type things you have with him and block him. Get a new phone number this is a pain but I know someone who had to do it I though I might have. Untag photos, burn photos, cards and letters. Erase any and all connections you have and he will most likely never go through the effort of finding you.

    Or like I said get a restraining order so if he tries he can do some time for it.

    • I fully agree!

  • restraining order.

  • Nothing really, or get a restraining order for stalking.

    Get a 2nd opinion first though, maybe it will turn out you have a skewed perception, though I doubt it.

  • If you broke it off from him, how do you know he was posting pictures of his new girl? Sounds like you were stalking him a little close and maybe all of this is more paranoia than truth.

    Add to that, because you don't know for sure if he really did post pictures of you, I think you're being overly hard on the guy. Granted you guys didn't work out and that's too bad, but don't you think you could be a little more measured here?

    Congratulations on bettering yourself. That's a good place to be.

  • he still likes you he is just trying to find ways to get you back

    and he is goind to far, call him and be like if you don't stop doing this

    im calling the cops and getting a restraining order.

    i think he crossed the line with all the info

  • Break all contact and move on ...

What Girls Said 2

  • I say ask a thrid party who you know a little, not too well, what they think. Then you may need to call the police and get the pix removed plus get rid of all of his stuff you may have (pix and such). He hasn't crossed a stalker line just yet but posting the pix of you is a violation and I am sure something can be done about that. I would say do NOT contact him at all...it will egg him on more. Good luck and stay safe!

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