Sociopathic ex-boyfriend trying to get to me?

We lasted nearly two years. I broke up with him last September because he was a manipulative sociopath that lied and hurt me constantly. For months, he tried with no avail to get me back.

Then eventually, he got a new GF. I think they dated like a week before he started saying she was the best girl he's ever had, posting pictures of them captioned "I love this girl", etc. Well great! I'm happy for you two - now he'll leave me alone, right? Nope. He would still find excuses to contact me (I told him to please leave me alone). He'd try and find roundabout ways to get me to find out he had a new girlfriend (as if I would somehow be hurt by that? I don't really care?)

I found out that he recently posted some very compromising pictures of me online. I laughed pretty hard because he had once told me that "only losers would post naked pictures of their ex to 'get back at them', I would never do that". He posted them anonymously and said "this is my FRIEND'S ex-gf, she broke his heart, so I'm getting revenge for him" (that's crap, there's no way his friends could get into his computer - besides, he doesn't really have any friends - sociopath, remember). It doesn't bother me that there's those pictures of me online (at least I look pretty good naked, hah!), but I've now discredited the little bit of human decency I thought he had.

I haven't responded to any of these acts, I just chuckle and ignore him.

I can assume he was upset by the fact that I took a long vacation overseas and I made social updates alluding to the fact that I was having fun on my own (we have mutual friends that likely mentioned these updates to him). Also, I've been trying to better myself physically, mentally, and spiritually; I've been very strong and independent without him (I haven't found another partner yet; I don't need to have a boyfriend to be happy and I can enjoy my own company!).

I *really* would like to continue to ignore him, cut him out of my life, and move on; continue to better myself and live a happy, fulfilling life and eventually meet the perfect guy for me. But I have a feeling that the whole "new gf" and "posting naked pictures" stunts are not the last I will hear of him.

What can I do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I have a sociopath for a brother so what I did was just completely cut him out of my life, just act as though he never existed. If he tries to get in contact with you in any way, just ignore it. If he calls, don't pick it up. If he sends an email, just delete it. Break any and all connections. Also, if you guys have mutual friends, you might need to distance yourself from them as well because he will try to use them against you. I agree with the idea for the restraining order, although I personally haven't gone that far.

    He will still try to screw with you, but eventually he will leave you alone if you don't acknowledge his existence. Do your best to forget him, and eventually he'll forget about you. It just takes some time.