My ex unblocked me on Facebook after telling me three months before he wanted me out of his life? why?


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  • My ex did that anytime he was about to contact me. Clearly you were on his mind for him to do that. Now it's up to you how to handle it when he makes contact. Good luck!:

    • but what if the last thing he texted me was "get out of my life. i love her and not you. get over me. im blocking you" and then blocked me?

    • I can't say for certain. But my ex and I had a horrible split and he moved on rather quickly. He blkd me, ignored me and my attempts to reach him until I was fed up.
      Months later when his little rebound girlfriend wasn't all what he thought he was back... By that time I had moved on. To this day he still tries to get me back. But not my problem.
      So it's up to you. If you want him back you need to make him work for it. Don't give in so easily. Value yourself. You might actually find that you're better off w/o him. I did.
      Also. Will you be ok knowing he's been intimate w someone else?

    • by the way... Im a female. Unsure how to change that setting

  • so that you can still give him booty call


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