No contact with ex boyfriend.. will he be in touch?

My ex boyfriend and I were together 3 years. We broke up a month and a half ago because I caught him cheating on me. Physically with one, but was messaging many more. He told me he was checked out and confused but was too afraid of losing me for good and then regretting it if he had just broken up with me. We were living together, I kicked him out and we haven't spoken since one week after the breakup. I think he is moving on, and I know I should be too and believe me I am trying. I am just curious as to whether or not these girls are rebounds or not and if he is filling his time with them to get over what he had with me? He has a habit of coming back when we have broken up before, will this happen again? How long will it take? I don't want to be with him again but it would be nice to know where he is at. Guys what do you think?


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  • just forget him, take a break, life isn't about girl friend boyfriends, it's about best friends that will walk with you to the grave, there isn't anything better then that, besides. .. best friends are deeper than girlfriends/boy friends.. also, just forget it, if something happens, never come back knocking on the door, life has a lot to offer you.. your still living and you'll find the true someone to live with you, just stop the drama, so stupid if you go back to him. .. if you guys broke up for whatever reason, trust me you will never get back as happy as you were, because true relationships and try love is when you fight, even forever but you never breakup, that shows the strength of love


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  • I think you need to block him. That way you will know for certain that he ins't going to randomly message you and fuck up your whole world again.