Anyone ever use a psychic?

i know its all for entertainment purposes, but i went to 3 different ones (over phone) and they all pretty much told me the same thing... it was really trippy. 2 asked birthdays and names and the other just "went with my energy" . But they all told me the same thing about my situation with my ex. I don't know if what they said will come to light, but it was an interesting experience... anyone have experiences to share good or bad or anything?


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  • As a claircognizant empath myself I have no other choice but to believe, with the gifts I've been given.

    The metaphsyical is very very real.

    The ones who read your energy are most likely empaths as well, using clairsentience to give you information.


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  • When I was very depressed and desperate I wanted to try everything. I even called to some psychic thing since I'm always been into "that kind of stuff". Maybe not psychics specifically but I tried it and found out to be complete bullshit. I don't remember what they told but it turned out to be not true. I don't know they all are bullshit, but that specific psychic "firm" definitely was.

    I'd pretty confidently say all the phone psychics are pretty much a scam. I would say trust your own intuition more than anyone else's "guidance". That's your own inner psychic

  • It's the biggest scam next to religion. They are full of shit. Please watch this video!

  • you'll be okay.

  • They're frauds. The information they give is usually vague. Also, why would they even need to ask you anything if they're psychics?

  • everyone has something with an ex. its a pretty generic thing to say. besides you have probably said something else that gave it away first

    • It wasn't generic at all , they described so much of my ex and myself. One even knew how he dumped me without me even saying anything. I don't know howmuch i believe but it was trippy.

    • lucky guess or they had tells. there is no other way

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