What should I do about this girl? Please help!! Really desperate?

So basically there is this girl who I am friends with and I have a crush on. She has a boyfriend but they hardly see each other but I am willing to take this girl as a friend since it is the best it will ever be. However, she used to date my best friend in middle school but once they broke up we didn't keep in touch even tho I was a really great friend to her and she uses to tell always tell me that I am her favorite. Now we are in college and we got back into contact but I initiated the whole thing. However, she always gives me false hope by telling me how we should hangout. Once I ask her to hangout she tells me she is busy and this happens EVERYTIME I ask her to hangout. Sometimes it is true that she is busy. Other times she is bluffing and I have evidence because she spends time with some of her other friends. I am the first one that starts the text messages 99% of the time. Sometimes she responds too late like days later or doesn't respond at all. Deep inside I still have a crush on this girl and even though I can't date her I want her as a friend. What should I do? Should I tell her that I we shouldn't be friends anymore for the common good? I am too clingy to this girl! I want to let go of her but it is hard! I keep thinking there is hope when there doesn't seem to be. Please help me make a decision to move on! This is causing me depression 😫😩.


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  • Just let it go. Put your feelings in a box and throw that box off a cliff.


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