Why would a guy break up with at girl after 5-6 months for his ex?

This guy I dated for almost 6 months who said he loved me and my son, we just recently had a wonderful trip to Vegas, and had a non-refundable trip planned next month. just all of a sudden called me and said he was getting with his ex, and she was there and grabbed the phone and wanted to talk to me. I asked how long was this going on and they both said a few days. there were no signs, like him pulling away or anything we had even made plans for this weekend and were still talking about out trip for Florida. when I spoke with him, he sounded like he was in turmoil, he didn't sound like himself. Please help figure this out.

So I forgot to mentioned that his ex was the one who dumped him, cause she had to much going on, whatever that means. When she asked me I thought why our relationship was serious I responded with He told me he wanted to marry me. She was speechless.


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  • I'm sorry for how you're feeling because I think we've all been there or at least something similar.

    It sounds like you were some sort of rebound for him and that's really unfortunate, especially since your child is involved.

    It is possible he didn't "sound like himself" or even sounded like he was in "turmoil." Obviously, he's probably in in some internally that he wasn't exposing (his fault, not yours), and now to let you go is probably not easy. Let's be real here -- even though people sometimes pick up a "rebound" and that is wrong, it doesn't mean they don't actually care for the rebound. I mean, they displace a lot of energy and love from an old person onto a new person, and through that, they do start to care. He probably did feel really badly about leaving you -- and especially your child that way. And the way these things tend to work (when exes pop back into the picture suddenly), it is like a light switch is suddenly going on -- there aren't always signs.

    It doesn't mean he's a bad person, it doesn't mean he didn't really like or care for you or your son, he was clearly just still hung up on this person and he probably didn't even realize it himself completely until the moment he did. I think the best thing you can do is to give this situation space to allow you to heal. He's probably not someone you want to spend anymore time with because he wasn't solid enough in his stance with you to not be swayed in an instant. It doesn't make him a bad person, it just doesn't make him a reliable person for you or your family.

    I'm really sorry, again, and good luck. :)


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  • This guy is UNCERTAIN of what he wants. He fails at being a real 'man'.

    What an idiot - I can't believe he went back to his ex. Then again, I wonder what led his ex into dumping him. Oh, right, because he's got wussy boy in him. And she saw it and didn't like it.

    Let him go dear. You need someone who wants you for you, and likes your kid as well.

  • sorry but some guys just aren't ever over there ex . he likely still had feelings for her the whole time and never really over her . I'm sure he did genuinely like you and enjoyed the time spent with you but deep down he had feelings for her .

    this is a tough problem to deal with cause just about all guys will have an ex or 2 . but you maybe just have to not get too close rate away and make sure things are good . before making big plans and geting serious

  • He's a jerk and you're better off without him, honestly. And yes, a man'll do crazy things if it meant getting back with "the one that got away". She might really not seem like it, but people always want something more when they lose it.

  • Simple a lot of men are stupid :)

  • He still has feelings for her, hard to get over an ex, looks like she wants him back...


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  • He most likely never recovered from when his ex dumped him. And then he found you. You might have sparked his interest somehow, but he was most likely still hurting at the time but never showed it. He's insecure. He doesn't know what he's looking for, and while I'm sure he did feel something for you, when his ex wanted to take him back, he more than gladly accepted. You were just there as a standby, to ease his suffering.