Girls, what does it mean when you call a guy day and night and flirt with him even after breaking up but say "we're just friends"?

my ex is so weird.. I still haven't moved on but she still just calls me up asking things like "did you do lunch? did you take your meds? how are your studies?" and flirt like seriously.. I can't let go if she stays like this.. I don't want be rude to her..


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  • she's playing games, chicks like his annoy the shit out of me. She is just being a total tease because she likes the attention you give her and she knows you will give it back, dragging you on. Id flip her off guard and ignore her. Total cock tease

    • I think the same.. many of my friends told me that.. this sucks tbh..

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    • thanks a lot for advising me.. I appreciate it mate.. bdw I sent you a follow request.. I am new to this g@g app hahaha.. xD

    • Anytime! Just keeping it real! x

  • She could regret breaking up with you, she could have mixed feelings.

    • maybe yes.. but I asked her straight up a few days ago what that thing she is doing means.. kinda rudely.. she said "what happened to you suddenly? we're friends right?" and I was like. FML. girl what are you doooiiing..

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    • but whatever she is doing.. it hurts a lot.. hell lot.. :(

    • yah im srry. she isn't thinking about how it is affecting anyone but her.