Guys, if you broke up with your girl, what would you change your mind? To give it another chance?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he thought we were moving too fast and it put him off. We were together just over a month but we got on so great. Met each others families, said I love you but we were both moving at the same pace. I would love to try again but slower this time. Is it possible?


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  • If you can resolve the cause of the breakup. Try to let him dictate the pace of relationship to see what he wants.

    • You see we were getting on brilliantly. He told me he loved me on Tuesday and went AWOL from then on. Told me on Sunday that we moved too fast, put him off and he's planning a move to Edinburgh. What can I do?

    • That is moving a bit fast but with him moving I guess it makes sense. How far is Edinburgh from where you live? If it is long distance like out of the country it may be really difficult.

    • It's across the water. You would need to get a boat or flight over.


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  • I would only change my mind if she was willing to change physically.

  • It may be possible I would give it another shot if I was him talk to him

    • Should I leave it for a while got the dust to settle?

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    • If that's the case then I'm sorry but I don't know what you could do at that point honestly

    • That's what I was worried about

  • If she truly loved me?