Fight to stay or Stay in fights?

I've been trying to break up with my abusive boyfriend for a year now.. I have blocked him from all social media, and I even disconnected my phone so he couldn't contact me, but I always end up back with him. I keep telling myself I'm not scared of him because I fight back but I know this isn't normal. If anyone has been in this situation what has helped you carry out the break up?


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  • It's simple. You like it or you wouldn't keep going back


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  • It will never change. Today a woman got killed by her ex boyfriend. Even though she had a restraining order against him, she still met up with him at church for counseling and next day he went to her house and got killed while on the phone with the police. If you have gone the extra mile of avoiding him, just be firm. He is using your weakness for his advantage. Find a support group and move on.